Rosalia Crib Redux

We received an heirloom crib that many family members used. In order to use it however, some work needed to be done to bring it up to safety standards.

First, it was originally a drop-side crib. These things are deathtraps to today’s standards. Additionally, the wall slat width was substantially larger than todays ~2″ standard. Those two things combined basically meant that new walls needed to be built from scratch. Also, my father-in-law spent some effort refurbishing and paining the crib before I took it over.

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Logs to Lumber

The idea of turning the trees that fall down in the yard into lumber sounded really cool. I’m sure it’s much better for the environment than using it as firewood.

I recently acquired a 14″ Rikon bandsaw that I’ve been drooling over for a while, and it’s the perfect machine for resawing logs into lumber.

Conveniently, the winds knocked down a few trees in the yard, so I rounded up a few of the logs (box elder and willow) to run through the bandsaw.

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White Elephant Rum Box

Our company had a white elephant gift exchange where the gifts should be meaningful, not garbage. I opted to make a quick and dirty box to hold a bottle of special edition Captain Morgan 1671. The idea was to make a box that, when aged, might look like it could have held the old-timey bottle.

I made it out entirely out of scrap wood laying around the garage. Lathe strips, 1×2’s and some sort of 1″ stock on the face. Shot it together with staples and gave it a quick sand. Finished it in less than an hour, including Sketchup time.

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Baby Wall Shelves

Continuing on the theme of baby room organization, I decided to make some shelves for the room. I wanted to experiment with wood finishing techniques that weren’t just painting or straight paste-wax.

For this build, I decided to try to use a nice dark stain and finish it with polyurethane. In keeping with the theme of the baby room (woodland creatures), I wanted to highlight the unique features of the boards. At the hardware store, I intentionally went out of my way to find nice low-grade boards that had a lot of character.

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