ESP32-S2 Has Arrived!

esp32-s2-wrover rendering

Received a few of my ESP32-S2 chips and modules this weekend. Pretty excited to update some designs I have for the new chip. Crazy that the module is half the cost of the ESP32-PICO-D4 chip I’ve been using religiously. I’m a bit bummed that it no longer has Bluetooth, but I’m hopeful that it’s lower cost and USB interface makes up for that.

While I was at it, I quick whipped up a 3D model of the ESP32-S2-WROVER chip and published it on GitHub and SnapEDA. Made in Fusion 360, so feel free to change it up. Would appreciate a PR if you do!

Thermal Camera

Made my own DIY thermal camera using a Raspberry PI and a FLIR Lepton module. Has great resolution for the price point and works quite well. Started working on a Node.js module that can interface directly with the module, which seems to be somewhat working.

I nabbed the LeptonModule source and hacked up some additional features for locking the temperature range scale, which is super useful for getting a visual on something, locking the range, and then looking at other objects for comparison to what you locked on.

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Raspberry Pi Box

Took some time this last month to work on trying to make a box out of bloodwood for a Raspberry PI with integral recessed area for the LCD touch screen. The idea was to mount the screen / PI to the top block and then figure out how to latch it to the box underneath.

So far, I’ve managed to break a slew of 1/8″ router bits, even being as delicate as I can and doing many shallow passes. Perhaps the wood is super hard or I’m just being careless. Who knows.

The project was a fun excuse to practice box joinery techniques using a router jig. Had some reasonable success there, though there was some occasional tear out. A table saw jig would be better but I used what already have.

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