Raspberry Pi Box

Took some time this last month to work on trying to make a box out of bloodwood for a Raspberry PI with integral recessed area for the LCD touch screen. The idea was to mount the screen / PI to the top block and then figure out how to latch it to the box underneath.

So far, I’ve managed to break a slew of 1/8″ router bits, even being as delicate as I can and doing many shallow passes. Perhaps the wood is super hard or I’m just being careless. Who knows.

The project was a fun excuse to practice box joinery techniques using a router jig. Had some reasonable success there, though there was some occasional tear out. A table saw jig would be better but I used what already have.

The box fit together pretty well, tough some shinkage made it fit a bit looser then I would have liked. I’m sure the glue would solve most of that, but whatever. It works.

Instead of trying to box joint the bottom panel on too, I elected to route slots and let the bottom panel hang into all four sides. Makes trying to do the glue-up less panic-y.

Resawed some of the bloodwood board on the bandsaw, planed clean. Board had some cracks and defects, but I love that book-matched look of bloodwood.
Another view of the original board and the resawn pieces for the box
Evidence of a broken 1/8″ router bit. There were no survivors.
Long slots hold the bottom piece into the sides.
Slots on all four sides hold the bottom in place.
Testing a 3/4″ offset for the LCD panel. Traced the LCD to the top piece and milled out the cavity to hold the LCD and PI.
Belt clamp holding the box together, with the top holding together independently.
Hard to see, but the box fits into the top in a recessed slot. Just needs some latches to hold it together.
Shot of it as complete as it’ll get for now.

After making the box and getting the screen fixed into the wood top panel, I’m not 100% certain i want a box bottom at all anymore. The intent was to add holes and mounting bits for PI cameras, but I can’t commit to any design in particular, so perhaps I’ll repurpose the box for something, but keep the LCD mounted in the bloodwood. Time will tell.

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