Workbench v2

Built a new workbench to replace the treated-lumber table I made a few years back. The problem with the old one was that it was made in a hurry (an hour before people were coming over to eat outside) so using wet treated lumber caused it to warp, and the casters were never really mounted in a way that made it easy to use. It just took up room and collected junk. What’s the point of having a workbench table if you don’t use it?

The goals of this version were:

  • Super mobile – I want it to be able to move around the garage to wherever I need it
  • Table saw height – I want to use it as an out-feed table. Also, I find working at the table saw comfortable because it’s just the right height (~37″)
  • Rock solid – I want to be able to bang on it and put really heavy things on there without it warping or distorting
  • Small enough to be functional – I want the table to not take up as much room as the other worktable, which just was a dumping ground for 4×8 sheets of plywood. The size of the top is just large enough to accommodate the bed project I’m designing.
  • Easy clamping  – I want to be able to clamp work pieces down to the table really easily. The 2×4 lip around the edge of the table made clamping a dream.
  • Good work surface – I like using the cast-iron top of the table saw for general working, but I don’t like to risk damaging the top. I also like the flat and smoothness of MDF, but it can damage easily. I chose this cool black melamine top, which combines flatness and easy to clean surface (one that glue squeeze-out will be easy to clean)

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