Thermal Camera

Made my own DIY thermal camera using a Raspberry PI and a FLIR Lepton module. Has great resolution for the price point and works quite well. Started working on a Node.js module that can interface directly with the module, which seems to be somewhat working.

I nabbed the LeptonModule source and hacked up some additional features for locking the temperature range scale, which is super useful for getting a visual on something, locking the range, and then looking at other objects for comparison to what you locked on.

Also attempted to use Mathâ„¢ to figure out the temperature of the center pixel, but that seems to be much more difficult to get accurate. There are a lot of variables, such as sensor temperature, ambient temperature, FFC calibration, etc. But using an IR thermometer, I was able to get it within a few decrees C at room temperature, so that’s good enough for a me.

Hand-selfie, showing custom hacks made to the LeptonModule UI for my additional features
Thermal heart drawing on a post-it note from behind
Thermal selfie, showing temperature range scaling with the hot light in the background

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