Laptop Couch Stand

With the new bandsaw in the garage, I felt like taking on a challenge. I’ve really wanted to be able to recline on the couch or in bed and still be able to use my computer, and ideally, a mouse. So I set out to do just that.

Design goals:

  • Ergonomic – I want to have an ergonomic feel so it needs angled legs. The thing computing on the couch is that the laptop is flat on your lap, and that’s not really that comfortable to use.
  • Replaceable parts – All the pieces should be removable and replaceable. For instance, I might want shorter legs to use the stand on a desk with a keyboard and mouse. Basically, so I don’t have to commit to anything.
  • Mouse pad – When laying on the couch, it’s almost impossible to use a mouse. I want an optional add-on that can let me use a mouse.
  • Refreshments – I hate getting up or having to reach. Basically I’m lazy, and I want my water glass touching me at all times. It needs a cup holder.

I picked up a sheet of edge-glued aspen from the hardware store. It looked cleaner and less objectionable than pine, so I gave it a shot.

Here’s how the build went:

After using it for a while, it’s a joy to use. I can compute on the couch or in bed and it’s super comfortable.

Update: Aspen might not have been the best choice to use. After getting caught in the bed sheets when Luciana was using it, one of the mortise joints failed. Seems as tho aspen is a bit too brittle for this application, but that’s ok, it’s replaceable.

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