Outdoor Planter

Our patio has seemed bare, so I built a raised planter for the patio. I ultimately ended up going with treated pine lumber, since it was vastly cheaper than cedar. I’m not too concerned about possible chemical leakage since I lined it with plastic anyway.

Some techniques I thought I would experiment with:

  • Mortise/Dado joints – I thought I’d try my hand at chiseling some dados to add stability to the planter.
  • Routing – I got a cheapie router and router table, thought I would give it a try for slotting the bottom tracks.

Here’s how it went.


Take aways:

  • Chiseling is a lot of work, even in pine. It was painstaking and frustrating at times, but worth it.
  • It’s solid. The only fasteners on the planter are 16 lag screws, four on each leg, compressing in both directions.
  • It’s heavy. With the dirt in, it’s almost impossible to move. You have to wiggle it around.

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